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Trgograf company is the first private company in EX YU that has been successfully engaged in importing, exporting and selling graphic repro materials and equipment for 28 years.
Its founder and owner is Slavko Dragović, who has been successfully managing the company since the beginning of its business to this day.

Apart from the main activities, Trgograf actively deals with renting business facilities (warehouses, workshops, offices). We also dealt with publishing and among other things we founded and were the owners of the first and only private daily newspaper for the region of Vojvodina.

Our business partners - graphic repro material suppliers, from whom we purchase paper, inks, boards, chemicals, rollers ... are mainly from Europe and Asia. Exports are mainly limited to neighboring countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria.

On our domestic market, we have customers all over Serbia.

The business of the company was also crowned with the certificate of business success of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce - Excellent SME Serbia.




Trgograf Novi Sad

Trgograf Novi Sad


The largest selection of graphic repro materials, paper, PVC foils and inks, printing plates and other materials. We are specialized in selling repro materials for small and large printing. We are an exclusive importer and distributor of a complete production program for the needs of the graphic / printing industry.



  • Wood free uncoated paper – offset paper
  • Thermal paper
  • Copy paper
  • Special American paper with a watermark
  • Wood free offset paper and board
  • One-side coated paper C1S and board
  • Two –side coated paper C2S
  • Two –side coated board GC1
  • Carbonless paper NCR
  • Self-adhesive paper
  • Carton board - duplex
  • Grey board – book binding board
  • Kraft paper – unbleached
  • Offset inks and varnish
  • Offset plates
  • Chemicals
  • Book binding glues
  • Films for wet and thermal lamination
  • Galvanized wire
  • PVC coated paper
  • Rollers for all types of graphic machines

Trgograf Novi Sad


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